Sunday, May 1, 2011


I love how playful The Boy is with our dog.

The way he crawls on the floor to sneak up on him when he's just laying there.
The way he chases him around the apartment.
The physicality of a full grown man (after all, The Boy is in fact 37 years old) and a full grown American Pit Bull Terrier playing with each other, one with no fear that he may be accidentally scraped or grazed by a claw or tooth, the other fully aware that he must pull back on his own outrageous strength to avoid hurting the man he loves more than anything else in the world - it's Fucking Precious.

My Boys. Who cares if neither one of them has any interest in balancing the checkbook...

The Man with the Child in His Eyes

He will be yours
faithful and true
to the last beat of his heart.

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