Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons Give Them Back, Moocher - Ayn Rand

You purchase a car and on the day it's ready for you, the dealership hands you a Transit Pass and tells you you can choose whichever mode of transportation best suits you - bus, train, cab - your choice. You tell them that what suits you is what you've paid a lot of fucking money for, and you want your fucking car, right fucking now. The dealership tells you the Transit Pass is really the best thing for you, and while you stand there demanding what is rightfully yours, a nearby group of toothless, inbred morons tell you you're asking for a handout. The dealership knows the Transit Pass gives smart people the full body sensation of Not Fucking Tempting At All, but the toothless inbreds are stupid enough to not realize they've spent years sucking dick for bus fare and will end up walking home.

Maybe this is a bad analogy.

You spend almost thirty years working your ass off and paying taxes with the knowledge that one of the things your tax dollars are going towards is health care for when you are older. But before you can collect it some punk that looks like Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan, or some other Metrosexual Douchebag tells you that when your time comes, all the money you've been spending will not lead to guaranteed health care, but a useless fucking voucher that you can spend on any insurance company you want as long as that voucher can afford it.

Fuck a bunch of that. I want what I've been paying for, and it's not a fucking voucher. It's also not a Handout. Know why? Because I've already spent my fucking money on it. It's fucking mine.

If you're already shaking your head No, you are either really rich or really brainwashed, and if you're very young and saying No, I assure you you haven't been paying taxes long enough to have earned anything yet so piss off, but before you do, we have a little business You and I.

Let me lay this out for you: You don't want any of your paychecks to go towards Medicare and Social Security? Fine. But I've spent the last few decades paying for your parents' or grandparents' health care and you, my child, owe me. That's right, your loved ones have been taking the very same Handout you're whining about from each and every one of my paychecks, and if you're not going to pay into government health care when it's my turn, I want you to pay me back everything I spent on your family. I will take it in the form of government health care or cash. Don't say No unless you're willing to admit you come from a family of moochers.

And if you are one of those Ayn Rand fanatics, I've got some news for you. She was on Welfare, Social Security, and Medicare, and worshiping her character John Galt is about as valid as idolizing Lord Voldemort except Voldemort lasted longer out there. He had servants.

You should go now, I see they've set out another cup of tea for you. Drink it all. Sometimes the poison's at the bottom...

Bitchin Camaro

You are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success.
Fucking act like it.

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