Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last Night I Watched Myself Sleep, and Then I Flew Away

I'm tired. Whatever I did to you, Universe, I am sorry, and I am tired. And I have officially hit my Bullshit Ceiling. Don't get me wrong, Universe. I appreciate the time you gave us to say I Love You and Goodbye, but the unrelated crap that you've thrown my way since? During my Grieving Period? No. For Fuck's Sake - it's been less than a month.

What's with all the idiots you're sending my way? You know they're making me this much closer to Street Rat Crazy, right? What a Pu Pu Platter of pinheads. What have you done to make them think they are here to protect and/or enlighten me? They're Idiots. How do they shove so much self interest into such pitifully small mental capacities? What sad excuses and painful reminders of my recent loss.

So shut your fucking pie hole, Eric Cantor. You are wasting our time. Your Cut, Cap and Balance bill is yet another needless distraction meant to blind the ignorant masses while you don't deliver on your Party's promise to make their lives better by creating jobs. We all know it will be vetoed for its awfulness, so feel free to leave kids, seniors, the sick, and the poor alone and work on some Entitlement and Tax Reform any time. God, you're a cunt.

To the Lunatic I've disliked since I met him 20 years ago, You should have been locked up years before you had a chance to do your damage. You've neglected your health for so long you've already started rotting and decomposing. Godspeed.

And to the ignorant Vietnam Vet who only Just decided to notice politics, it's nice you've finally decided to pay attention to the world around you, but if you're going to start idolizing a doctor who doesn't believe in Evolution, claims to want small government but insists on keeping it in my gynecological doctor's office, and has really racist and homophobic things to say in his 'newsletters' keep your opinions out of my email inbox and cellular texts. I have been paying attention to the world for a long time now, and I don't need your help. Reading two books by Ron Paul does NOT make you knowledgeable about anything other than how ridiculous Ron Paul is, and you seem to be too stupid to take note of even that. While you're at it, have someone else try and explain why Wikipedia is NOT the most reliable information source, and ween yourself off it. Otherwise, back off the politics, stick to something you know, and have another fucking drink, Johnny.

Each one of you shitpiles is an insidious parasite. I may need a nap, but you won't lead me into The Further. My back doesn't bend and my mental is much too strong...

You are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success.
Fucking act like it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

As If Just Being by the Ocean Isn't Enough...

Years ago, a coworker and I lidded our buckets of paint, wrapped our brushes, and dressed for a chilly Chicago day as we headed for lunch. 

It was snowing outside, and while warming my nose with my mittens, I accidentally got a very close view of some snowflakes that had landed on them. They were spectacular. Breathtakingly spectacular. I called my buddy over to examine how intricate their designs were, and with my hands raised to our faces, our noses almost touching so we could get a closer look at the tiny things, she lifted her head and said to me, "Mother Nature rules."

I'm the first to admit I'm easily amused, but it was overwhelming. I never expected so much beauty in something so small.

Today I am similarly overwhelmed. These are magnified photos of grains of sand:

Are you fucking kidding me, Mother Nature? You still got it...

Tea in the Sahara

We still do no know one thousandth
of one percent
of what nature has revealed to us.