Monday, July 11, 2011

As If Just Being by the Ocean Isn't Enough...

Years ago, a coworker and I lidded our buckets of paint, wrapped our brushes, and dressed for a chilly Chicago day as we headed for lunch. 

It was snowing outside, and while warming my nose with my mittens, I accidentally got a very close view of some snowflakes that had landed on them. They were spectacular. Breathtakingly spectacular. I called my buddy over to examine how intricate their designs were, and with my hands raised to our faces, our noses almost touching so we could get a closer look at the tiny things, she lifted her head and said to me, "Mother Nature rules."

I'm the first to admit I'm easily amused, but it was overwhelming. I never expected so much beauty in something so small.

Today I am similarly overwhelmed. These are magnified photos of grains of sand:

Are you fucking kidding me, Mother Nature? You still got it...

Tea in the Sahara

We still do no know one thousandth
of one percent
of what nature has revealed to us.

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  1. New to reading your blog . . love your voice, love the inclusion of songs mentioned after the entries . . .and love this entry in particular.