Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

As I was cleaning out the cat box a few hours ago, I was thinking how pleasant it's been to to chuckle at the GOP's antics this month instead of becoming enraged. The reaction I had from November 2010 to February 2011 was one of Fear and Loathing. Now it's one of Cautious Comfort and Delight-in-their-Failures Joy. I'm a little giddy at the thought that Maybe the town hall meetings I attended, the petitions I signed, and the emails I sent to state reps helped place the noose around that chubby GOP neck, but there's pure bliss in watching them tighten it themselves, and I can't wait till they step off the chair. I could piss myself, and it would have nothing to do with MS!

So, by all means, 112th United States Congress, continue wasting your time with issues that have nothing to do with creating jobs and bills that you know damn well will be vetoed because of how outrageously damaging they are to women, children, senior citizens, and anyone who doesn't make over $250,000/year. That platform you built your last campaign on was so shoddily built it's caving in on itself. Your lies about Planned Parenthood have led to a glorious backlash, your Union Busting attempts stepped over the line so well that, at least for now, you've ruined yours or anyone's chance of making it happen, and your ridiculous bill to rob the poor to overfeed the bloated and jowly rich is being met with the proper response. And you still haven't created a single new job.

Even The Universe is stepping in with a wicked sense of humor by letting The Trump continue to lead in the polls, and although that doesn't mean he will be the Republican Presidential Candidate amongst the mixed bag of nuts who seem to want their hat the ring, it's still a good indicator of just how well the party is doing. Silly Birthers, proof is for people who understand what proof is! Keep fighting that good fight...

And then I watched The Daily Show. Really, Cliff Stearns?


An attack on 9/11 Responders. The same people who put their own lives at stake to save ours. This is their Thank You. This is your response to the injuries and illnesses they suffered that day. I'd be enjoying the step you seem to be taking off that chair if I weren't so god damned fucking mad. Women, Children, Seniors, anyone who isn't rich, and 9 fucking 11 Responders. Welcome to your New Low, the 9th Circle of Hell. Treachery and Treason, I believe. And don't think I didn't notice "Democrat" Henry Waxman in there. He's one of Them, and he can choke on it too.

How these scumbags can live with themselves is beyond me.

My Gratitude goes out to every 9/11 Responder for his and her heroic deed, my Sorrow goes out to each of their families who lost a loved one, and my Best Wishes are with each one who is surviving and battling an illness contracted that day. May you finally get the proper care you need, and deserve, and are owed. America can never repay its debt to you, but it should try - every fucking day - as hard as it fucking can.

You're a real Cunt, Cliff Stearns. May this deed bring you what you are owed into either end of your digestive tract. You, and everyone you love.

America is Waiting

You are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success. 
Fucking act like it.

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