Monday, March 12, 2012

Newt is to Algae as Bachmann is to HPV Vaccine Retardation

Newt Gingrich can say he's got a plan to bring the price of gasoline down just the way I can tell you he stores jelly donuts in his rolls of fat. Doesn't make either one of us right. Now, I don't have proof that my statement is incorrect, but I do have proof that his is. The fact is this: The price of petroleum is up because of fears of war between the US and Iran or Israel and Iran. Period.

I'm no expert on the subject; it just doesn't take much effort to research what experts on the subject have to say about it.

So go ahead, Newt. Mock ideas for new methods of fuel production and see how far our country gets. We'll be colonizing the moon in no time. Holy fuck, you are fucktarded. You too, Haley Barbour. Why don't you go pardon some more murderers...

You are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success.
Fucking act like it.

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