Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Has No One Ever Shown Missouri How Babies are Born?

I would like to thank Todd Akin.

Not only is he stupid enough to admit that Republicans believe there are different kinds of Rape, his words add more proof that today's Conservative ignores Science to suit his politics.

Republicans are asking Akin to drop out of the Senate race, but not because they see his is a fucktard. They fear it will hurt Romney's chances in November. They publicly threatened to stop chucking SuperPac money his way, but I didn't believe they would actually stop feeding him money when I heard it, and today I see I am right. They may not all be bold enough to admit it like the Teabilly Fuckstick, but they want that White House seat, and they are going to buy it. You know it's true.

So let's get right to the words of the moron:

Any "doctor" who has told Akin or anyone else that the female body can shut down the ability to get pregnant at will, needs to have his/her medical license taken away. I won't even go into the Birth Control Industry and what they must have thought when they heard The News.

Anyone Missourian who still casts a vote for Todd Akin, should be required to take Biology 101 and pass the test before being allowed to vote or go outside where they might interfere with the public.

Anyone who agrees with Todd Akin's comments should be anally raped by someone with the AIDS virus and then told that as long as the rape was legit, their body can just shut out HIV.

I know Akin has said that he used the wrong words during that Jaco Report, but I don't actually care to hear what he really meant to say about "Legitimate Rape" or the science behind egg fertilization anymore than I care to hear my dog's explanation for why he likes to eat out of the cat's litter box.

So to Akin, Fred Berry, Bryan Fischer (who needs a tire iron to the head,) people who ignores scientific facts, and anyone who thinks that any kind of rape can be defined with words like 'legitimate,' allow me to paraphrase The Long Kiss Goodnight for my own words don't even come close:

I would like men infected with AIDS to ass-fuck you, and then tell you that as long as the ass-fucking was legitimate your body can shut down the mechanism that transmits the HIV virus. So if you're ass-fucking fans, go ahead and keep qualifying the word Rape with adjectives.


You are the result of four billion years of evolutionary success.
Fucking act like it.

PS - Watch it all. Paul Ryan is no different from Todd Akin. May a red hot poker be shoved far up his ass.

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