Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hyphen After Hyphen After Hyphen

I've spent the past three years watching today's version of Republicans desperately try to get rid of Barack Obama. Why? It's not because he's a Democrat. They didn't do this to Clinton. I've been around long enough to see Republicans & Democrats repeatedly battling for the seat in the White House, but these past three years have been different.

When Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell openly admitted his top political priority was denying President Obama a second term, there was no side note about spending the next four years working with the president to create jobs, balance the budget, or end costly wars - a feat that might convince American voters to oust the 2012 incumbent in favor of a worthy conservative. He just wants to make the president's four years final even if he's the right man for the job, and judging what he's up against, he is.

The continuous fighting between the GOP candidates and the repulsive reactions from their supporters during the debates and rallies says it all: Gingrich calls Obama the Food Stamp President, and people applaud. An old fart, KKK carrying card member at a Santorum rally tells him she refuses to acknowledge Obama's presidency because it isn't legal. The crowd, ignoring Obama's birth certificate, cheers her on, and Santorum says nothing to correct her.

I get it now. How fucking naive I've been hoping that in this day and age we had evolved a little more than this. I thought the division in this country came down to our differences in political ideology. Blue versus red. But in this case, it's more like black versus white. This agenda is not about politics. It's about the color of Barack Obama's skin, and that color isn't white.

Why else did the birther issue begin? It wouldn't have happened if he were white. The lies about him being a devout Muslim? They wouldn't have happened if he were white. And who cares who he prays to anyway? It's none of our fucking business, but oh how the neoconservatives love to tell us it is. And their fake devotion to God is just there to pull votes from Bible beaters whose priorities seem to be who their leaders pray to, even when those leaders are awful. And this republican lineup? Really fucking awful.

This neoconservative agenda to remove Obama before 2012 by lying about his being an American citizen failed miserably due to a valid birth certificate. Those with slightly higher IQs moved onto Plans B & C while the dumber ones continue to work on the birth certificate, even today. Plan B, by the way, is a series of lies about Obama's successes that they hope you are stupid enough to believe, and Plan C is a set of distractions meant to keep you from noticing that while they carry out Plan B, Congress is not doing their job to help the people of this country.

Think it's not about him being black? Those of you who think Family Values are important may have recently decided to support Gingrich: A joke of a man who has cheated on two, probably three wives, leaving the first two when they were ill and needed him the most. He clearly places no value on the family unless that value is a public moment of anger to forward his campaign. Before you applaud him for his response to John King's question, remember that in 1998 he himself orchestrated a multimillion dollar ad campaign against Clinton for getting a blowjob from someone other than his wife. While pushing for Clinton's impeachment over the aforementioned hummer, he was having a full blown affair. I don't really care who my politicians have sex with as long as it's consensual and legal, but if you're the dick who publicly made a big deal out of someone else's affair, expect me to judge you when you prove yourself to be hypocritical. It's not just the media who loves to demonize political infidelities, Newt. One might say you fucking started it.

So if you actually care about Family Values in your president, ask yourself why President Obama, a man who actually loves his family, isn't good enough.

Those of you complaining about how high your taxes are may support Romney. Here's a man who has said he pays what he's legally obliged to pay, but spends more money than you see in a year on lobbyists who keep him from having to pay a higher percentage. That percentage, by the way, is lower than the percentage you pay. Do you understand? You pay a higher percentage of your income in taxes than Romney. A billionaire. And your taxes are high because they have to compensate for Romney and his ilk not paying their fair share. Your taxes will continue to be high while you protect billionaires from making a fair contribution. When you fight for lower taxes, I don't believe your realize your fight is for lower taxes for billionaires, not your own. 

Obama would like to make billionaires pay their fare share of taxes so he can lower yours. So unless you're a billionaire, ask yourself why you're opposed to President Obama when it comes to the tax issue.

Those of you complaining about having to pay taxes at all probably support Paul. He's street rat crazy. He's also anti-woman, anti-homosexual, anti semetic, and full on racist. Some Libertarian. Do you have any idea what taxes pay for? Roads, policemen, firemen, 911, uncontaminated food, a guarantee that when you go to the bank to remove your money, it's there... Taxes pay for things that allow us to live like civilized people. It's those taxes that allow you to go out and try to earn a living instead of sitting at home guarding your family from killers and thieves. You know... because taxes pay for the military...

Those of you upset about your high taxes seem to love the military yet are blind to the fact that war is expensive. Who do you think pays for it? Where do you think the money comes from when Romney and Friends have loopholes that get them out of contributing? Romney recently complained that our Navy fleet is shrinking under Obama. What he neglected to mention is a longstanding trend in the Navy to reduce the amount of ships in favor of more expensive, highly specialized ones...100 row boats aren't as effective as one high tech Red October. Understand?

If Obama's attention to our military isn't to your liking, you've probably thanked Bush for the death of Bin Laden, because you are stupid. Really, really fucktarded stupid. Obama accomplished something we've all wanted since Baby Bush's first year in office. What part of our military do you feel is lacking under Obama?

Those of you complaining about the deficit are outraged at its startling amount. Hate to tell you this, mostly because you still won't get it, but it was there before Obama took office. Just so you fucking know. In his first two years Obama has only increased the it by 16%. Baby Bush who came into office with a surplus left by Clinton, increased it by 115%. Reagan increased it by 189%. So when the Republicans point at the huge deficit and blame Obama they are flat out lying. What they're really trying to do is make you forget that this one is all Bush's. He turned a balanced budget surplus into an enormous deficit with expensive wars and tax cuts for Romney, and that's why you're broke, Bitch. And don't be fooled by Gingrich's claim to four consecutive balanced budgets. Those surpluses happened between 1998 and 2001, and even Gingrich knows he was forced to leave congress in 1999. On top of that, the highest surplus occurred in 2000 when he was no where near congress. That's right. Bush pissed away the surplus when it was at its highest. And you blame Obama.

Lots of you are complaining about jobs. The Tea Party promised to put you back to work if you voted for them in the midterm elections, but that was never in their playbook. Know how I know? Because the first issue they took on was revoking women's rights. Redefining rape. Defunding Planned Parenthood. They did everything they could to distract you from noticing that you were out of work, and they'd be keeping you out of work. Don't defend their battle against Planned Parenthood - it's a diversion. Do you know how much of your taxes funds abortions? None. The Hyde Amendment bars the use of federal funds to pay for abortions. Good thing they spent all that time working on a pointless cause which still puts no food on your table. And, by the way, you're still out of work. Well, some of you are. Obama's stimulus package that helped contribute to his meager 16% of the deficit has created 3.7 million jobs. The same program that paid $34.5 billion in tax incentives to business including $260 million to hire younger, unemployed war vets. BOOYA!

Tell me that part again about how Obama is to blame for a large deficit and unemployment. I'm all aghast ears.

On a side note, I'm am loathe to discuss abortion with anyone who isn't my husband or doctor, but those of you fighting to make abortion illegal probably support Santorum: Whose wife had an abortion. So there's that.

And speaking of healthcare, those of you complaining about Obama's Healthcare are probably the most in need of health insurance. You and your Type Two Diabetes selves. Shocking that the spin doctors at Fox have convinced you that this is a hand out. Know what a hand out is? Bank bailouts. CEOs who take those bailouts and keep it for themselves as bonuses. There's your hand out.

So let's see. We have a president who loves his family, wants to lower your taxes by making billionaires pay their fare share of our civilized nation, took down Bin Laden, has contributed remarkably little to our deficit but increased it for the purpose of creating jobs for you and unemployed war veterans, is trying to get you the healthcare that you need, and you don't want him. Why? You claim he isn't your president because he isn't American, despite his birth certificate. Why? Just the fact that you went through the trouble to argue his validity as president... May I remind you that Baby Bush was not elected in 2000? That he stole it from Dole, who had way more votes? That blacks and Jews were prevented that election year from hitting the polls because it was clear who their majorities supported?

What's the real reason for Republicans not wanting President Obama over the four remaining and despicable men who want to take his place? What's your reason? Are you ballsy enough to admit the people you support are bigots? Or shall we just agree they have successfully brainwashed you? Because the facts are all there and you choose not to see it.

I am America. I am the part you won't recognize. But get used to me. Black, confident, cocky. My name, not yours. My religion, not yours. My goals, my own. Get used to me. - Muhammad Ali

It Ain't Over Till the Fat Lady Sings

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance 
and conscientious stupidity.

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