Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An Inconvenient Truth

America is climbing out of the black hole Baby Bush buried us in. Isn't it awful? It is if you're a republican presidential candidate.

President Obama's stimulus package has employment on the rise and America's economy improving. On top of that a war has ended, and Bin Laden has been killed. How are neoconservatives going to make good on their promise to make Obama a one term president when his policies are working? When his military is kicking ass? How can they possibly take hold of that seat in the Oval Office when the guy there now is doing his best to help the American people get their lives back on track after Baby Bush did such a good job of derailing it?

Lie their fucking faces off, that's how. Paul Krugman's piece is dated two days ago and already the lies are coming. I just watched Newt Gingrich tell his audience that the decline in unemployment is actually a bad thing. I won't repeat his spin because it was too stupid and thoroughly incorrect, but the fat, bloated, desperate bitch said it. And idiots will buy it. I always suspected that racism, prejudice, and bigotry were born out of ignorance and stupidity. Thanks for the proof.

The more Obama's policies improve our nation, the more desperate these rich white Christian men get. Know how desperate? Enough that the Koch brothers and their cronies have pledged $100 Million to beat Obama in the 2012 elections regardless of how much he fixes our broken nation. How much money do you think they stand to make with Obama out of the way if they're willing to shell out that kind of cash to make it happen?

Just remember - when Mitt, Newt, and their super pacs tell you that a strong person does for himself and doesn't need the government for that beautiful home on a beautiful piece of land with a beautiful dawn in the background and the American flag planted firmly in the ground, they are neglecting to remind you that they got all those things themselves from the Baby Bush entitlements & bank bailouts. And they are so terrified that you will figure it out they're willing to pledge $100 million in chump change to keep you from realizing it.

Do you really think Newt wants to maintain Family Values in this country? Because I wouldn't be surprised to hear he's already fucking his fourth wife. Do you honestly think Mitt is anything more than a slick business man trying to sell you a lemon of a car? Because if you have a job, you'll be lucky if he doesn't buy your company, fire you, and sell your pension. You think Santorum is going to overturn Roe v. Wade? Because he's so against abortion he and his wife had one.

Do you really not know when you're being lied to?

American Dream

You are the result of four billion years of evolutionary success.
Fucking act like it.

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