Friday, October 14, 2011

Occupy Wall Street

When I see photos of Teabagger's holding poorly spelled, racist, bigoted signs conveying really ignorant concepts, I shudder but giggle. Way to stand up against Muslin, idiots.

I hear what they are saying, but I still think they are full of shit. Why? Because the leaders who feed them the drivel they regurgitate are full of shit.

Corporation CEOs are not your friends, Dummies. They are clever, clever thieves. While Congress is in their back pocket doing their dirty work by running into the bank and waving their guns, they sit at home waiting for the loot to be delivered to them. For some reason, you sign-holding idiots don't realize it's YOUR MONEY that was just stolen. You've got one hand holding up a stupid sign and the other one holding the bank door open so Cantor and Bachmann can make their getaways.

Unfortunately, I feel a heavy shoe on the other foot, at the moment. The theatrics of some at the Occupy Wall Street Movement are, at times, embarrassing, and I wince when I consider how they not only detract from the OWS message, but actually allow for blatant misinterpreting from opponents. And honestly, the term 'Redistribute the Wealth' doesn't sit well with me. It sounds a lot like 'Hand Me Some of What You Got.' I don't want what you got. I want what I earned, and I want your ass in jail if you stole it.

So to those of you who think this movement is about handouts, be advised. You are wrong.

This is about Corporations who forced their workers to pay into pension funds and then syphoned that money away to themselves using tricky loopholes that Congress continues to allow. And while you continue voting for representatives who protect these CEOs, these CEOs will continue their decimation of workers' retirement plans to boost their own pay and pensions. You, who does not understand this movement, are handing over YOUR money and future to someone else. Period. That, to me, is stealing. And while Congress continues to allow it, there's your fucking Hand Out.

If I'm wrong, why did Eric Cantor once talk of "The battle for our Democracy" and how "We must win this battle," and how "We can take this country back" only to claim NOW that "[He] for one [is] increasingly concerned about the growing mobs occupying Wall Street and the other cities across the country?" Because he's full of shit, that's why. Full of CEO/Corporate shit that's been pumped up his cornhole too far by CEO/Corporate dick.

If you really don't understand the protests, you've been brainwashed. If you pretend you don't understand, you're really fucking rich and very nervous.

List of Demands

You are the result of 4 billion years of evolutionary success.
Fucking act like it.

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